Flying V Build

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The lacquer was not even dry on the burst before I started this build. I am again staying in the Gibson line of guitars and going after a 1958 Flying V. It will have the original style body neck joint. I have found some very light mahogany. (both in color and weight) The plan is to use one 1" X 8" X 8' board. I also have some great rosewood for the fingerboard. I will also use a set of Seymour Duncan "59s" humbucker pickups. I have a few ideas about making the tailpiece. The body is straight forward after getting as many pictures together as I could find and matching/scaling those to the cad drawings I found on the net. I printed a half-body on paper and made and MDF template that could be used to cut both halves of the body separately.

To get to this point it took about 15 hours. I have the body cut and rough sanded, the neck glued to the body with the truss rod in place and the headstock veneer in place. For a logo this time I will go with gold letters for my name. (Nelson)

On the Les Paul I used a piece of mahogany as a fill strip over the truss rod, this time I used a piece of rosewood.

Above is the template for the pickguard and jack-plate. Also shown is the rosewood fill strip over the truss rod and the gold tailpiece.

This Body/Neck joint was only found on the original 1958 Flying V as far as I could tell.

Ok, I ordered pickguard material B/W/B and adjusted the template a little. I think it looks perfect. I have to fret and mark the fingerboard, paint the headstock and add the pickups. The finish will be amber/clear lacquer of about 15 to 20 coats.

 New Picture

As you can see the V is very close to complete.

This is the view at the local guitar shop.