MadeByDave - Les Paul Build

Here is the link to my new commercial site... This site will remain as long as I can keep it up. Enjoy! 

My Les Paul is probably too far along to start a build page, but I will show the pictures I did take to this point and try to fill in what info I thought to be missing between the many other build pages on the web.

The two 1/4 inch holes are for dowels to re-align the maple top plate to the mahogany body. I don't have the best router, but this route will work fine and rough edges will be unnoticed.

Neck not yet glued, still want to carve it at least to rough size. Fingerboard still need to be thicknessed down to about .19 inch.

I made a 1/4 thick jig to route the pockets for the pickups. Spot faced the inside of the pots cavity with a 1" forester bit.

Above you can see the burst starting take shape. From here I darkened the edges and added a couple more coats of amber.